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By Manoj Kumar

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13. Explain the Property of Ultrasonics. Explain the Phenomenon drilling and cold welding. 14. Explain the Flaw detection. 15. What do you mean by SONAR? Explain. m~an by Ultrasonic, Infrasonic, Supersonic and Audiable range of (IMP) (IMP) LONG ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS :1. What do you mean by Musical Sound and Noise? Explain the charactersitcs of Musical Sound. 2. What is reverberation, reverberation time? How it can be controlled? (V IMP) 3. What do you mean by accousting of Building. On which factors it can be depends.

Thus sound keeps on persisting in the hall for some time by reflecting from surface to surface and loosing a part of enf'''gy at every point ti 11 it becomes too weak to be heard. " For getting good sound effects the reverberation time should be minimum. The reverberation time depends upon the nature of the reflecting material, size of the room or hall and area of reflecting surfaces. Let us assume that we produce a sound, In the begining the intensity of the sound will be low and it increasse when it is reflected by walls, ceiling, floor, window of the hall or room and a stage is reached where the intensity of the sound is maximum.

Velocity of sound in vaccum is given by (b) (a) 332 m/sec. (c) Infinity (d) 0 None of these. 14. During rainy season, we see lightning first and hear thundering of clouds a little later becuase. (a) Due to moisture (b) Velocity of sound is very large. (c) Velocity of light is greater than the velocity of sound (d) None of these. 15. 16. SONAR stands for (a) Sound not radiated (b) (c) Sound Navigation and radiation (d) Sound obstackes and radiantions. None of these. The sound wave of frequency more than 10 9 is known as \53\ (a) (c) 17.

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