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Charles Rycroft's "Critical Dictionary of Psychoanalysis" is a longtime reference paintings supplying transparent definitions and significant discussions of the technical phrases utilized in psychoanalysis. 'An exact and witty advisor to the which means of psychoanalytic phrases ...[it] additionally explains a number of the controversies that have disfigured the psychoanalytic flow and that are one of these puzzle to these outdoors it. For an individual eager about psychoanalysis and its offshoots this can be an integral booklet' - Anthony Storr.

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It assumes that symptoms are due to faulty learning and conditioning and aims to remove them by deconditioning and reconditioning procedures. Its theoretical basis differs sharply from psychoanalysis in rejecting the idea that there is any underlying_ proeess or illness of which the symptoms are merely a superficial manifestation. It asserts, on the contrary, that the symptom is the illness. Most of the successes claimed for behaviour therapy have been with phobias and behaviour disorders, conditions in which it is possible to isolate one specifie symptom as the target of therapeutic intervention.

Referring to ideas formulated by him. See inferiority complex; masculine protest. The adultomorphic fallacy is attributing to infànts and young children the thoughts and tèclings which an adult would have under analogous conditions. The reference is usually to theories about the psychology of infants which the speaker believes overestimate their level of development. Aetiology and pathology Aetiology and pathology These are frequently confused. Aetiology refers to the causes of disease and pathology to the abnormal pro cesses inferred to be responsible for the manifest symptoms.

Anxiety neurosis Either I. one of the two actual neuroses, or 2. any psychoneurosis in which anxiety is the predominant symptom. The absence of any emotion whatsoever. It is to be distinguished from despair, which is the 10ss of hope, and boredom, which is due to blocking of expressive activity, whether for externai or neurotic reasons. According to Greenson (1949), apathy can be a life-saving defence in extreme situations; by, as il were, putting the mind into neutral, both despair and the exhaustion foIlowing unjustified hopefulness can be avoided.

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