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By Joe Jackson

ISBN-10: 0306810018

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ISBN-10: 1429485191

ISBN-13: 9781429485197

Since the discharge of his first best-selling album Look Sharp in 1979, Joe Jackson has cast a novel profession in song via his originality as a composer and his notoriously self sustaining stance towards music-business style. He has additionally been a famously inner most individual, whose loss of curiosity in his personal superstar has been interpreted through a few as aloofness. That recognition is shattered by way of A medication for Gravity, Jackson's greatly humorous and revealing memoir of becoming up musical, from a culturally impoverished adolescence in a coarse English port city to the Royal Academy of track, via London's Punk and New Wave scenes, as much as the threshold of dad stardom. Jackson describes his lifestyles as a teenage Beethoven enthusiast; his early piano gigs for audiences of glass-throwing skinheads; and his days at the highway with long-forgotten membership bands. faraway from a standard-issue superstar autobiography, A remedy for Gravity is a great, passionate e-book approximately song, the inventive strategy, and coming of age as an artist.

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Not that the happiness and the pomp and circumstance were false, but that the sadness was always there, in a delicate balance with it. It suddenly seemed to me unbearably poignant. And I knew that no one else would understand. And no one could, or ever vvill. W e n music hits you like this, it cuts through logic and soars like a pole-vaulter over the walls of your rational mind. It reaches you in a visceral way that is unique to your own experience, No M ~ Opeople hear the same music. Now that 12rnolder, and hardened, and a clever bastard, E still find Exodus a good Nne, if a bit senfimental.

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