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Agni is the Lord of fireplace. Agni Yoga is the yoga of synthesis. the fundamental premise of Agni Yoga is that this: There aren't any exterior situations that could defeat the human spirit. This booklet is focused in the direction of those that have a few familiarity with the Trans-Himalayan teachings. however the key lies of their functional software. this can be the best way we gasoline the hearth. The e-book has 3 sections: Meditation, research and repair. the 1st part describes the development of meditative paintings beginning with that spark of suggestion once we first make soul touch, via to complete soul-identification while the begin turn into an device of the better Will. This part includes particular meditative routines, alignments, mantrams, prayers and formulation for use within the daily perform of Agni Yoga. The research part features a description of the cosmic planes and subplanes, together with the complex interrelationships of the rays that create the lively textile of our sunlight method. A idea of astrological rulerships is additionally included. when you are involved in the mysteries of color and quantity, the query of excellent and evil, the aim of the sacrifice of the sun angels or the mysteries of the inventive Hierarchies, this bankruptcy is easily worthy a learn. The jump of the Agni yogi is first a bounce in attention. Agni Yoga is the yoga of the soul. however the fireplace of divine Will has to be introduced via Love into motion. The provider part outlines the 4 phases for bringing Will into expression without delay in our daily lives

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A Fourth Degree initiate is, in a way difficult to understand from a perspective in the three worlds, the epitome of the human experience. Man essentially is the ‘Hierarchy’. He is a member of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy and his home is the buddhic plane. On the buddhic plane are to be found the ashrams of Hierarchy. They are made up of three levels of being and are presided over by a Fifth Degree initiate who is working therefore with atmic energy and is, in his turn, a member of a Chohanic ashram on the monadic plane.

From the realms of Hierarchy these groupings of causal bodies are seen like grouped lotuses in a field of fire. They are not static but living pulsating fields changing their various geometries and individual components quite rapidly, but sustaining an archetypal pattern. These energy fields are either expanding and refining as they are being fed with energy from the higher planes, or crystallising and decaying because energy has been withdrawn from them as the Plan continues to adapt to Purpose.

The planes of Hierarchy are of course the planes of the triad. On the mental plane there is overlap with humanity and on the atmic plane there is overlap with Shamballa. The buddhic plane therefore, is peculiarly the ‘home of Hierarchy’—it is the plane of the ‘Son’ principle. A Fourth Degree initiate is, in a way difficult to understand from a perspective in the three worlds, the epitome of the human experience. Man essentially is the ‘Hierarchy’. He is a member of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy and his home is the buddhic plane.

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