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By Robert Gilmore

During this cleverly conceived booklet, physicist Robert Gilmore makes available a few advanced techniques in quantum mechanics through sending Alice to Quantumland-a entire new Wonderland, smaller than an atom, the place each one allure demonstrates a distinct point of quantum idea. Alice strange encounters, more advantageous by way of illustrations by way of Gilmore himself, make the Uncertainty precept, wave services, the Pauli precept, and different elusive recommendations more straightforward to know.

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9:1; 11:18–20; 14:17; 15:11; and 15:17–18. ”74 Jerome was keenly aware of how difÀcult it could be to identify the speaker, especially in the prophets: “Mutatio personarum obscuram facit intellegentiam prophetarum” (Comm. Ier. 31: 25–26); so also, “Personarum mutatio, et maxime in prophetis, difÀcilem intellectum facit (Comm. Ier. ”75 Among grammarians, this quick change of speakers could be seen as a literary device, as reÁected in Porphyrio’s comment on Horace, Sat. ” For Jerome, however, whose main objective was to untangle and explain the meaning of the text for doctrinal and moral instruction, the prophetic custom of changing speakers without notice was more of a problem to be overcome.

Quae ambiguitas plurimis modis accidit” (Quint. 2–3). It was the grammarian’s task to determine which sense of a given ambiguous word was meant. , Servius on Aen. 142: “ ‘seges’ interdum terram signiÀcat, ut Horatius . . interdum frumentum, ut . . , Servius on Aen. 1: “cano polysemus sermo est. tria enim signiÀcat: aliquando laudo, ut regemque canebant; aliquando divino, ut ipsa canas oro; aliquando canto, ut in hoc loco. ” On “polysemos sermo” in Servius, see E. Thomas, Servius et son commentaire sur Virgile (Paris, 1880), 237–38.

J. C. Reeves and J. Kampen (ShefÀeld, 1994), 224–27. 40 Although Jerome does not discuss meter (Ƶɜ vƧƵƲƫƬɝƮ) in his commentaries on the Old Testament,41 the other three ȰƲƥƣƮƣ well describe the way in which enarratio functioned in his Hebrew scholarship. 42 The three ȰƲƥƣƮƣ (Ƶɜ vƧƵƲƫƬɝƮ excluded), together with paraphrase, are the primary tools of enarratio with which Jerome interpreted the Hebrew text. The third stage, emendatio, actually encompassed more than just “textual criticism” in the modern sense.

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