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By Bernard W. Roos

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4) to be applicable, F must have compact support on N3. 3 Maxwell's and Einstein's Equations physical significance of this is that any magnetic sources have been re- moved from M, whereas the field in M is that of a maghetic monopole. There are theories that also claim there are no electric charges either, but that some complicated structure of M makes it appear that, there are electrical sources. xt = x2 0, x3 0) is starlike with respect to 3. M R4\{(t, A)E every point of the positive z-axis, and is contained in the M of Remark 2.

Future) intersect N. 1 The Stationary-Action Principle and Conservation Theorems 53 The uniqueness of the Cauchy problem is the statement that F is uniquely determined on by FIN3, FINI, and J. If FID*(N,) # 0 but) = FIN3 = *F,N = 0, then F would have to propagate from somewhere outside without encountering N3, which would be possible only if to within the propagation speed were greater than the speed of light. 16) Let N be a three-dimensional, compact, spacelike of (ff14, and F1 and F2 are two solutions of Maxwell's equations, and *FLIN = dF1 = dt\ = 0, and oF1 = OF2 J.

8; 4) means that — d(xP*52 3. A A = — — dxa A = 0. 24) we conclude that dx A - 4. = = 0. 7) does not. = 2x"g is generated by v = The conformal transformation — = + -- and the last two terms cancel out in the expression for Leg. ,ø)F) A The resultant equation 0= A *52 — A + A contains no new information, because the final term vanishes as in Example 3 and the first two vanish as in Example 2. 1 The Stationary-Action Principle and Conservation Theorems Remarks (2. 12) 1. 11; 4) are not complete (Problem 6); these transformations are not diffeomorphisms of R4, as they have singularities.

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