New PDF release: Applications of global analysis in mathematical physics

By Jerry Marsden

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20), which is t x(t) = x0 e−γ t + e−γ t 0 t eγ s f (s)ds = x0 e−γ t + 0 e−γ (t−s) f (s)ds. 5 Solving vector linear differential equations 21 We can just as easily solve a linear equation when the coefficient γ is a function of time. 25) 0 and the solution is x(t) = x0 e− (t) + e− t (t) e (s) f (s)ds. 27) by transforming to a new set of variables, y = U x, where U is a matrix chosen so that the equations for the new variables are decoupled from each other. 28) where D is a diagonal matrix. For many square matrices A, there exists a matrix U so that D is diagonal.

29), it is straightforward to verify that U U † = I and that D = U AU † . It is also true, though not as obvious, that U † U = I . Exercises 1. The equation for the damped harmonic oscillator is: m d 2x dx + 2γ m + kx = 0. 47) √ Assume that γ < k/m, in the which the resonator is said to be “under-damped”. Show that x(t) = e−γ t cos(ωt)x(0) is a solution to Eq. 47), and find the expression for the frequency ω in terms of m, k and γ . 2. Write Eq. 47) as a first-order vector differential equation. 3.

17) and when α is less than one we have lim V (x(T )) = T α lim N (1−α) → ∞. 18) Neither of these make sense for the purposes of obtaining a stochastic differential equation that describes real systems driven by noise. Thus we are forced to choose α = 1 and hence V ( Wn ) ∝ t. When we are working in the continuum limit the Gaussian increments, dW , are referred to as being infinitesimal. A general SDE for a single variable x(t) is then written as dx = f (x, t)dt + g(x, t)dW. 19) Since the variance of dW must be proportional to dt, and since any constant of proportionality can always be absorbed into g(x, t), the variance of dW is defined to be equal to dt.

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