Are you tired of sowing much & reaping little? - download pdf or read online

By Jerry Savelle

ISBN-10: 0892749385

ISBN-13: 9780892749386

Ebook by means of Savelle, Jerry

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Tobi; Jerusalem: Afikim, ) -. Genizah fragments of the original commentary have been identified by N. Danzig and H. Fox; unfortunately our passage is not preserved in them (oral communication from H. Fox). One of those fragments, originally called to my attention by E. Hurvitz, has been published by Fox; see M. Z. Fox (H. Fox), hby`yh ba @tn br `wrypm dyAbwtk ; @mytb hn`mh, Asufot  () -. It shows that the original commentary consisted of short glosses to individual words, much like hn`mla f≥apla “words of the Mishnah” and atay`wq ylym “difficult words” treated in N.

Ygph #rc, hnyath #rc, hmq`h #rc (m. , t. Miq.

108 Soggin, Amos, . 109 S. Eusebii Hieronymi Stridonensis Presbyteri commentariorum in Epistolam ad Titum (PL ; ed. J. P. Migne; Paris: Garnier, ) . 110 Other alleged interchanges among the sibilants in Amos are cited by Zalcman, “Piercing,”  n. . ymq` slwb. History of Interpretation · 27 weis darauf, dass Amos sich einiger, wohl dem platteren Volksdialekte angehöriger Wortformen bedient, in denen merkwürdiger Weise gerade der S- und Zischlaut afficirt ist. so slwb für `lwb (, ), s`wb für sswb (, ).

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