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But we still have no agreed way of weighing an item on one list against its opposite number on the other list nor, therefore, of evaluating one list as a whole in relation to the other. There arc no common scales in which to weigh, for example, human wickedness and folly against the fact of man's moral experience, or the phenomenon of Christ against the problem of human and animal suffering. Judgements on such matters are intuitive and personal, and the notion of probability, if it is applied, no longer has any objective meaning.

One group can fairly be said to count as at least prima facie evidence for the existence of God. For not only do believers urge these particular considerations as supporting their own position but disbelievers concurringly treat them as points requiring special explanation. And likewise there are other considerations which taken by themselves constitute at least prima facie antitheistic evidences. These are matters which non-believers emphasise and in which the believer, on the other hand, sees a challenge to his faith which he feels obliged to try to meet.

Our thoughts normally move within the boundaries set by these ultimate circumstances, exploring the internal structure of our universe and directing our actions in relation to it. But as well as analysing the world we sometimes simply contemplate it and wonder at it, allowing ourselves to be grasped by its mystcriousness. Our thought then moves beyond its customary limits to face an ultimate inexplicable 'given', and to marvel at its unlimiteidly" "mfricate and "yet coHerent character. The ultimate 'given' is an evolving order which has not only produced all the facets of the physical world but also all the qualitative marvels of human experience.

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