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By Keith Sidwell

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This publication presents a brand new interpretation of the character of outdated Comedy and its position on the center of Athenian democratic politics. Professor Sidwell argues that Aristophanes and his competitors belonged to opposing political teams, each one with their very own political time table. via disguised cartoon and parody in their competitors' paintings, the poets expressed and fuelled the political clash among their factions. Professor Sidwell rereads the relevant texts of Aristophanes and the fragmented continues to be of the paintings of his opponents within the gentle of those arguments for the political foundations of the style.

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Now, of course, we are accustomed to thinking of only one ‘target’ who can be identified in the play, Socrates, and it is clear that he had not changed between the two versions (Pl. Apol. 19c taken with Socrates’ role in the revised text makes this clear). But the defeat of Clouds I is referred to in the parabasis of Wasps, certainly at 1043f. and less certainly, because the outline does not appear to fit our play, at 1037–42. 28 I shall deal with the detail of this passage later (see chapter five).

499–500). Clouds The text we have is a revision of the play which came third at Dionysia 423. , the play itself contravenes several. The ‘leading old man beating someone with a stick’ motif is played out by Strepsiades at 1297–1300 (but with a goad, not a stick), contra 541–2. , contra 543. Characters cry «oÆ «oÅ (‘ooh ooh’) at 1 and 1321 (Strepsiades), and 1493 (someone inside the burning phrontisterion), contra 543. A motif criticised in Peace (740 waging war with lice) appears at Clouds 634 and 707f.

First of all, as I have already noted, Hyperbolus is satirised by name no fewer than twelve times in Aristophanic comedy. Since we are accustomed to regarding such attacks as indices of the author’s political stance (if anything is), the direct contradiction between the positive authorial evaluation of him in the Clouds parabasis and these passages forces us to reassess the nature of named attack. ) association with an enterprise such as the putative attack on Carthage (Knights 1300–4) seems to guarantee his radical democratic credentials, while the attitude of Peace towards him (Peace 682–4) suggests that he wished to continue the war even in 421.

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